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These can be conspiracy theories dating anytime from Pre-history to the Renaissance. They don't all have to be ancient really, I just wanted the subreddit to have a cool name. Also, If you want to make up your own conspiracy theory, feel free do do so.

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2020.10.24 19:02 throwaway123876w can't help but feel like i'm destined to be alone forever

I (21f) have never been in a real relationship. I've had "things" and gone on dates/hooked up with guys, but never anything serious. This semester, one of my best friends and I went on a romantic day-long date and we ended it by cooking dinner, he finally made a move and we made out and cuddled all night. The next day, he told me it was a mistake and he wanted to pursue a relationship with someone else instead. A few weeks later, I spent the night with someone who had vocally been interested in me for a year. He ghosted me afterward (which was straight rude bc we were friends beforehand). I've been using tindebumble and have gone on awkward first dates where I feel no connection. This guy who I talked to for two weeks and asked me out left me on read when I asked if he wanted to hang out last night. Throughout high school and college I've just been watching everyone go through love and relationships and I don't know what's so wrong with me that no one wants to stick it out for the long haul. I have lots of friends, I'm smart, I think I'm funny and I think I'm at least decently attractive. All I want is to love and be loved but I'm just so fucking tired of rejection and I literally can't even picture anyone wanting to date me anymore, I feel like I'll be alone forever.
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2020.10.24 18:43 Exciting-Soil6495 My BF(20M) has anxiety and his tendencies hurt me(20F) too

Hi everyone,
This is my first post on here and I feel so weirdly sneaky coming on here and making a throwaway because I am just that desperate right now lol.
Anyways, my boyfriend of 3 years has anxiety about many things in life, but mainly because we're in college right now and his workload is intense, school is at the forefront of these feelings. He is constantly scrambling (when I say scrambling I genuinely mean his tendencies are sometimes very squirrely for lack of a better word), stressed out at his workload, doesn't plan ahead or organize his weeks because that gives him anxiety, creating a cycle where not planning results in more anxiety and well... You get the point. He severely struggles with organization and planning and I haven't had an actual problem with that because he makes our relationship more spontaneous and fun by not planning everything down to the T like me.
BTW, just for context, this man loves me to death, would do anything for me, and I want to grow old with him. That's why I am trying to fix this problem rather than saying screw his anxiety and screw my sad feelings.
He often spends the entire day doing some form of work, whether it's school or his job through school because if he doesn't spend the entire day feeling productive, he feels worthless. His words, not mine. He physically cannot simply relax throughout the day and his only breaks are showers, lunch, and hanging out with me and sometimes friends.
Every time I suggest the idea of us doing something in the middle of the day like grabbing lunch or seeing each other for a bit, I really dislike how much effort has to go in to figuring out if it's a viable option or not because it falls smack dab in the middle of his "very important work day" aka everyday because he feels like shit if he's not always working. Therefore, there is never a day that is a "really great day" for us to just hang in the middle. But, because I respect him and his life so much, I accept our night dates at the end of his workday and I accept that sometimes when I call him in the middle of the day and he tells me that he's extremely busy and can't talk because I KNOW that it doesn't mean he doesn't love me, he is just a very peculiar boy lol. I am just nothing like this and I know this isn't the classic example of a classic relationship.
When we shower together(not sexually) after I spend the night, the moment we get out, he IMMEDIATELY wants to start his work and sit at his desk, because like I mentioned above, his showers are his only break time before the day "HAS to get started bc he has lots to do". I know he has lots to do, and he never kicks me out in a rude way. I can't help but feel hurt and I hate that my initial reaction is to be sad that it can't just be RELAXED for a few minutes before I myself suggest that I leave because I know he's a busy man and I want to go back to my apartment too to do my own stuff. I have communicated with him that his tendencies to jump at the opportunity to work when I'm still at his place kind of makes me feel sad and his response is basically saying "I know and I hate that it hurts you but I get extremely stressed if I don't start on my work". I leave his apartment feeling like the night was great because he put his work away but the next day always sucks. Legit when I hear that shower turn on if I'm still in bed I start to get sad because I know how "on the move" he's gonna be the moment he gets out.
And yes, I have talked to him about this and in the sweetest way possible he always tells me that this is how he lives his life and how he LIKES to live his life, and that hurts the most because I truly want him to do what he wants to.
So, the predicament is that I feel for how stressed he is perpetually and I realize it's probably part of undiagnosed anxiety, but I can't help my feelings. I don't want it to turn to resent. I am a really independent woman, so I was shocked when I figured out that when I leave his apartment sad sometimes its because his anxious tendencies make me feel... left behind? unsatisfied? just weird idfk what the word is.
I am unsure of anything left to do, what I practice everyday is to remind myself how this is simply him and I can't impede on his life because of the way he deals with his anxiety. And I remind myself of the ways that he loves me and would do anything for me and how these instances are totally separate from those things. The question here isn't about me thinking that he loves me any less, it's about avoiding my instinctual feelings of feeling abandoned slightly?
If you guys could please help me figure out if there's anything I can do, I would greatly appreciate that. Either anything new or what I mentioned in the last paragraph. Also, if you read this entire thing I am sending you so many good vibes and I appreciate that so much.
TLDR bc this shit is long asf: my boyfriend is chronically stressed about school and I'm in a cycle of reacting negatively to that.
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2020.10.24 18:30 energy-individual Positive disclosure! :)

Hello! I feel like I have a duty to share my very positive disclosure experience as I posted in here asking for advise beforehand: https://www.reddit.com/Herpes/comments/jeohpp/might_be_falling_for_this_guy_advice_fo
As you'd find in that post, I really, really like this guy. Basically, i told him exactly how I had planned. Sat him down and told him I'd like to share something before things escalated any further, I'm asymptomatic, can protect him, and it's really not a big deal. I was a bit more serious and emotional than I had planned to be but he really gave me the space to fully be real with it so it doesn't matter.
Before anything, he told me it doesn't change anything. Shared what he knew about the virus (that you shouldn't have sex during an outbreak, that he knew someone who might have had it) and we discussed the details. He said he likes me regardless of sex, as we haven't even had sex yet. It was almost like he was wondering why I was so afraid.
Afterwards, it truly feels like nothing has changed and I feel kind of stupid posting this honestly because I realize how I seriously shouldn't have been stressing. I feel equally as desired. It is no longer a thought in my mind and the weight has been lifted. (might i add that this is an absolutely beautiful man, inside and out, with everything going for him - it's not like I had to settle, in any way at all.)
Just wanted to share bc it's unfair to flood this sub w negative shit and asking for advice without sharing the positive. In my eyes HSV is a blessing, it allows for real genuine connections to be made and takes away the confounding factors. Plz don't get caught in that false mental storyline that your dating life is over and that you have anything to be ashamed of (it's very easy to do so, but it is so incongruent with reality). HSV has simply adjusted our paths in ways we might not understand, but it's serving a valuable purpose, and I'm grateful for that.
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2020.10.24 18:23 Father-Son-HolyToast OP works in a bar and is horrified when several days' tips (between $400-500) is stolen from her. $300 of that was necessary to make rent, and she knows one of her coworkers must have done it.

This is a repost. The original post is by ashleywhoa. Thanks to lotharzbt for suggesting I post it.
So i work at a small bar. I bought a server book off amazon that has zipper pockets (its fabulous) that i usually keep tips in from the night before. I try to “drop” it in a bank bag i have at home frequently. However, my bf (who is a security) at my place of work got in from seeing family out of state friday after christmas. Spent a lot of time at his place this past week and kept forgetting when i stopped at my house. So all into the zipper pocket it went.
Now, idk about yall but i had a BUSY friday-new years eve at my bar. Easily made $700 in tips over that course which is great for our small bar based on the 5 shifts i had in between those dates.
New years eve. Im working. Busy. We close at 12 usually in weekdays. Kept it open a little longer. Last call at midnight. Everyone out at 1230. Around 1245 when we’re still trying to clean i take me apron off bc its uncomfortable with my book in it. Wrap it up. Set it on a server station shelf. Only staff in the bar. Everyone leaves except me my bf and the 2 bartenders while in full view of said shelf. I guess when we were checking out and leaving the building i left it there.
Now new years day we dont open til 5pm. First server and bartender on at 4 and see it as soon as they get there tucked away near the computer. Claim to put it straight in the office under lock and key.
Unfortunately i dont notice til right before my next shift (friday) i dont have it. Kind of frantic bc i believe it has between 400-500 in it. The last $300 being to make my rent.
Get in friday and open it after not being able to go to the bank. Yall, its GONE. Left in it is $42 in 5s and 1s.
The only people in my bar between new years eve and open new years day was 2 kitchen 3 floor.
Currently made $300 this last friday and saturday but hoping i make a little more so i can pay my rent and still have enough for other bills
I know its my fault for leaving it and not noticing (i left all my bags new years day at bfs and didnt even try to look for it as i was set with cash and assumed my book was at his house). The missing money has happened before.
No there are no cameras. When it has happened before my boss told me to be more careful bc he cant just accuse people (rightfully so) and people come into our bar (line cleaners, food distributers, customers if it isnt found til night) but it was new years day and we were closed. Pretty confident someone i work with be it kitchen or server or bartender stole my money. And now im left with an uneasy feeling that people i trust or am even friends with can see me not being able to pay rent on time and not bat an eye. This is a good bar. Ive been here for 10 years. There is a bad apple here. All i can do is ask for it to be documented, eat top ramen and be more wary i guess. Sucks. Any advice?
The whole story is in my history if you want but long story short; our kitchen was stealing. $400 personally from me (i left my apron and book one night after new years) and on camera in the office from one of the drawers and much more in hours he clocked in his family that he hired that werent there on days. Our owner pressed charges.
Well, after court dates and of course covid shit, things finally came to a head. Owner called me up one day and told me he had to talk to me when i came in for a shift. Uh oh. What could this be? I had almost forgotten about the case entirely.
Came in. And he handed me a check for the $400. He won the case (which we all knew would happen) but what we didnt assume is was that thief would pay it back anytime soon. What i also didnt know was that owner had that money he stole from me specifically stated in the case. Now what he could prove was stolen and how much was speculated differed. He only won a few grand from this guy (but that was never his goal, he told me. Just wanted justice).
My money was stolen after new years of this year. So after months of being behind from holidays, then covid, and stress, i finally got that money back. With a million thank yous to my owner. Any of my doubts about this small business i worked for have disappeared. My management believed me when i said something was wrong, investigated, fired, and then prosecuted the wrong doers. I am over the moon.
If yall have a good restaurant, stay with them! I know my story is unlikely and thats shitty thats a reality! But i love my place. And if i get to do another 10 years ill be grateful.
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2020.10.24 17:55 EgoDeath18 i hate my stepdad

he really isn’t a horrible person but i can see right through him he’s fucking selfish. my bio dad hasn’t really been in my or my older brothers lives and my half sisters(i have 3 sisters) dad that was more of a father figure to me (i thought he was my father) died when i was 8. my mom started dating my step dad only a year after so it made me hate him bc i didn’t understand how she could just move on after the death of my sisters father. over the years i always havent liked him sometimes it more than others sometimes i’m just more indifferent towards him. one of the things that kills me most is that since he’s part bread winner he controls so much of our lives and will make the most stupid decisions but not think about how they would affect anyone else. my mom just goes with his stupid plans.my mom got pregnant with him and had my half brother when i was 14 and when my mom first told me and my sister we both had a panic attack but it’s bc we know my mom already had 5 kids and we we’re all mistakes and she honestly shouldn’t have had that many children because she can’t handle it so why the fuck would she add on to that? she said it’s bc she wanted to give him his own kid.i love my brother with but you can just tell they shouldn’t have had a kid,he never was this great ass father figure in literally any of me or my siblings lives besides buying shit and she thought he’d but a good father?well he’s not. i feel so fucking bad for my little brother. my mom and stepdad got a house that doesn’t have enough rooms and my mom blames me for saying i was moving out when i was like 18 when i was 14... who doesn’t say that when they’re mad at their parents but obviously at 14 i didn’t know how anything in life works like we all wish we could move out at 18 my grandma even said that my mom used to say that all the time and she literally had a kid when she was 18 and was still living at home when she had me and she was 25 at the time. so why the hell with her experience would i be out by then? she’s the adult she should know that’s not realistic but that’s the fucking excuse she gives for getting a house with not enough rooms for everyone. by the way it was between two houses one that has enough rooms and bathrooms for everyone or the house with a nice backyard that has a view that they can show off to people.my mom and step dad are very much inside people so they literally made that decision based on looks.on top of my little brother not having a room he made 2 of my sisters share this small ass room (all of the rooms are hella small in the house) SO HE CAN HAVE A MAN CAVE. like instead of giving HIS SON a room he takes it. as the years went on one of my sisters literally got too big for their bunk bed so they had to have their own rooms (they were also fighting) so he moved his man cave downstairs into the smaller garage which he could’ve done the whole fucking time. he also is so impatient with my little brother. he is literally 6 years old and we have a pool in our backyard and he doesn’t know how to swim. i learned how to swim when i was 4 in some random community pool and my brother has a whole ass white father that swims very well and this man just gives up on his son. one time my sisters and i were trying to get my brother to jump in the pool with his floaties bc we knew as soon as he did it would be his favorite thing and my brother was getting scared and frustrated so my stepdad and mom came out (my mom is even worse with my brother sometimes) and my mom just yells at him and my stepdad tries to talk to him the first thing that comes out of his mouth is “you need to act like an adult I MEAN big boy” like he doesn’t know how to talk to a child and then after trying to talk to him like he’s a full grown adult he tells us to stop trying to get him to jump in the pool bc he’ll just keep giving us problems... like he just gave up on him. i ended up getting him to jump in the pool bc i was patient with him and that’s what parents are supposed to do but his just don’t want to be parents. also my grandma literally takes care of him all day she basically raised all my siblings and i but he basically gets raised by my grandma and me and my siblings and my parents just shows him off to their friends and family it makes me sick. i’m literally 21 now and this man has been in my life since i was 9 and i still fucking hate him but not even for the same reasons. he’s always trying to intrude and interrupt when i’m just trying to talk to my mom or if me and my mom and sisters are all having a good time he’ll just come in and ruin it. my mom told me a couple years ago that she wanted to divorce him and i’ve just always known she isn’t super in love with him and she’s kinda using him for his money and stability. like my mom isn’t the #1 mom but she is my mom and we’ve gone through so much together i can’t help but love her. but i have never loved him he’s never tried to make me even like him. all he could ever give me or my sisters is materialistic shit and after so many years that just doesn’t mean shit to you anymore. i’d actually rather live in a smaller house have less money if it meant he wasn’t there. he literally makes me cry sometimes just bc he makes me feel so uncomfortable and fills me with so much rage. i used to think theirs something wrong with me but my bf and all my friends AND my siblings don’t like him. i could go on and on about all the fucking little shit he does to irritate me but the biggest thing is he doesn’t care for my little brother enough. and i just know he’ll always put himself first just bc he makes the money. idk about y’all but with my kids or if i had step kids i would put them and their needs first. i might sound like privileged brat but it sucks to see your parents make stupid decisions that change your life.
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2020.10.24 17:34 squinbard I [25F] am so confused about my relationship with my boyfriend [36M]

We've been together for about 9 months now. He told me he was divorced and has been divorced for 10 years now. His ex wife [36F] is one of his closest friends.
So at first it didn't really bother me. Then I found out that they were hanging out all the time, alone. He never told me this... I had to keep asking him to get him to spit it out. They have a business together selling lamps and she lives in a nearby apartment complex downtown. So the really weird thing is that the ex wife is dating my bf's best friend, and he claims he's totally cool with this and he's the one that introduced them. They never all hang out together though...
One time early on in the relationship we all hung out together with another couple he's friends with. Him and his ex wife kept going off together to be alone which I found odd. He called me paranoid and insecure. He said "how dare you accuse me of doing something with her when she's dating my best friend." Another weird thing is that his best friend that's dating his ex wife was weirdly flirty towards me when we would all hang out together.
Ever since I've become suspicious, he never makes plans for both of us to hang out with them anymore. It's like he doesn't want me around them? Idk. Another thing I found odd is that she followed me on Instagram when him and I first started dating. Like almost immediately. Just seemed weird to me bc I hadn't even met her yet.
He used to talk to her on the phone when I would be over at his place but it's stopped. I think it's bc I glanced over at his phone once and saw him texting her. She said "is your gf there?" And I noticed she would text that all the time to him before I said anything which was strange to me. He also loaned her 10K bc she was in debt from her lamp business bc she refuses to work for someone and lives lavishly (beyond her means).
He's close friends with all of his exes and ex fwbs. He talks to them all on a weekly basis. He tells me this after I asked and it still gives me weird vibes.
Idk man I'm not sure if I'm being insecure and paranoid, but is there something going on?? Anytime I try to talk about it now he shuts me down and goes off on me really angrily. He says "I'd never cheat on you, if I wanted to I'd break up with you first."
I guess I'd just like an outside view/opinion of the situation. Thanks in advance!
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2020.10.24 17:23 AsunaGhoul Is this a good reason to break up?

I(19f) expresses my dissatisfaction with how often we talk(call or text) to my bf(22) and nothing changes. Should I break up?
So lately it’s been better, I only cry myself to sleep twice a week. Usually it was everyday Bc my bf wouldn’t have time to talk to me. We’ve been exclusively dating for 3 months long distance. He would be working, sleeping or playing games like a nerd. I was just cry myself to sleep and get really sad and doubt our relationship. I tell him this too, he thinks we talk enough but I don’t. And he doesn’t seem like he wants to accommodate. Should I just break up w him even though I still like him?
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2020.10.24 17:22 Talia-Wolf AITA for not speaking to my sister for hating my dog?

So I have a wolf hybrid, he’s only 40% but it is pretty obvious he’s a wolf mix. He’s super shy even though we socialize him but sooo sweet to the people he is brave enough to go meet.
My older sister has only met him once after we moved back from across the country. He instantly took to her, was snuggling her (trying) to kiss her. She was brushing him off trying to get away from him. She’s says she is so scared of wolf dogs even after meeting mine, who has never shown any aggression. She’s never even met another wolf dog. She says it’s bc of negative stuff she read online which is usually only for extreme cases where the hybrid isn’t in a good home. Also mine is a runt compared to his siblings weighing only 60lbs.
Well I asked if we could do a play date with her frenchie and her boyfriends lab (my dog absolutely adores other dogs and is always so kind to them) she kept saying I’ll think about it. (I only asked once) So I ask once more a month later and she yells at me telling me to quit bothering her about this and just drop it. She allows my small Pomeranian mix to play with her dogs (even though he’s a little aggressive bc of small dog syndrome) but my WD is so very well trained on playing with small animals. We also have a cat
Therefore I tell her I won’t bother her again. And we haven’t talked since, it’s been about 2 months.
See, I’m really upset about this bc like most owners my dog is my baby. And mine is, I feed him fancy raw meet, I am building a playground for him in our backyard, I always do whatever I can for him, he’s my child. The fact that she dislikes him so much for no good reason what so ever is what upsets me.
Well thanksgiving is coming up and I do not want to see her but I got to know if my argument is valid here in case she tries to tell the rest of the family why we’re not speaking, you feel me? TIA
Also I do want to add this same sister had a mastiff a couple years ago, he was 12 months old. She never took him to any training and while walking him he got off and attacked the neighbors dog. The dog was totally fine. But without even trying to rehome or give this dog up. She had him euthanized. Didn’t tell anyone or try to ask the family to watch him. just euthanized a puppy. She also has gotten rid of every dog (at least 6) she’s had within a couple years bc she doesn’t want to take care of them. And buys another months later.
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2020.10.24 17:08 Ahsoka_Tan I’ve lost all my confidence

It’s been a year since I’ve left my last relationship. I didn’t leave it with the mindset of finding someone else so I didn’t even try. I wanted to live the single life, only to find that I guess I really didn’t. She has already found someone else. Not that it matters though. At some point between then and now I’ve considered putting myself out there on a dating app possibly, but as soon as that thought pops in my head I think “I’m nothing like I use to be, I don’t have anything to offer anymore”.
I know lack of confidence is reversible but I’ve such a low image in myself I don’t even try. Its pathetic, I know. I’ve only dated 3 girls and I’ll be 28 next month. I don’t put myself out there enough. I’m not into one night stands and nor do I play with anyone’s feelings. To have a connection with someone is probably the best feeling though, and I miss that. No one deserves me in this shape though.
I feel like I’ve declined after each relationship, if that makes sense. I started off super funny and quick witted with great teeth and now I feel like a ball of depression. I’m currently recovering from getting my wisdom teeth removed, which is the start to fix the rest of my teeth. I feel that, until I get my teeth fixed, I shouldn’t even try to date bc it would be pointless. It’s just going to be a lengthy process. Everything else is great. Great job. Great financially. Just wanting to fill that void. I’m guessing that deep down I want someone to accept me as I am right now and to know that these things will get fixed. I just answered my own problem lol
Until I fix these things about myself that lower my confidence, I shouldn’t go out into the dating world. No one deserves half a man.
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2020.10.24 15:53 cheeseisthebestpart What is the best way to communicate?

My (27f) boyfriend (34m) and I have been together five years. We’re very happy, we get along so well. Everything about our relationship is awesome, except we have very different communicating styles.
I was raised in a big, loud crazy family. My siblings and I often fight, and we always make up. We tell each other the honest truth, we love debating politics, religion, relationships you name it. We are just a big group of people who love to talk. I was raised to talk about my feelings whenever I wanted.
My boyfriend was raised very religious, and I’m not sure if this is a correlation, but he does not talk about his feelings much. He’s one of eight, his siblings stay out of each other’s business and talk only about surface level things to ensure that there is not conflict between any of them.
So I’m going to try to make this part short, but just keep in mind this situation specifically has been long and stressful for everyone involved:
One of my best friends was dating my bfs brother, he cheated on her and got another girl pregnant. There was a lot of lies and deceit and “please take me back” and “I still love you I don’t want to be with her”. It messed my friend up pretty bad mentally being constantly gaslighted and lied to. Eventually they broke it off for good. Our friend group was weird for a little while and my boyfriend and I couldn’t talk about it because I would get heated and he would just shut down and not say anything about it.
This happens a lot, where i get upset about something and he just doesn’t want to talk or have a conflict. This happened last night we got into it bc some other shit happened and his brother got brought up again. I got heated, he went to bed.
This morning he acts like everything is fine.
When I try to bring up (before) how I like talking about things, he always says he doesn’t mind listening and he wants to hear about my feelings. But he also says he doesn’t always have something to contribute to the conversation, so he just doesn’t say anything to me. But I also feel weird bringing it up to talk about it again if he doesn’t want to.
Does anyone have any thoughts or advice on how to merge communicating styles? I don’t really know how to not talk about my feelings, it honestly just comes naturally to me. To get him to talk about his feelings I have to ask him to and then I feel like I’m prying and nagging which I don’t like.
Edit to say: maybe he doesn’t need to talk about his feelings? I guess I’m just not sure what’s normal
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2020.10.24 15:26 NathanPlayzzz FOR PPL WANTING TO KNOW THE ADVICE ON HOW I GOT A GF!

This is not my words its u/g-prsct its his which helped me get a GF
Here ye, here ye.
Don't go into these conversations with her pretending that you aren't trying to get w her. Because you are. So be clear about your intent to make sure that there isn't any questions or confusion about what you're trying to do.
That's what trips so many people up. They make a girl think that they're just trying to be friends by not being honest or upfront about their aims, and then get surprised when they get curved. Ofc she rejected you, she saw you as a friend bc you acted like a friend.
Be ballsy. Flirt. Get the message across.'
Be honest and clear, so that you don't have to wait (waste) 3 years hyping yourself up to say that you like her, when if she liked you, you could've been dating for the last three years already
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This is not my words its u/g-prsct its his which helped me get a GF
Here ye, here ye.
Don't go into these conversations with her pretending that you aren't trying to get w her. Because you are. So be clear about your intent to make sure that there isn't any questions or confusion about what you're trying to do.
That's what trips so many people up. They make a girl think that they're just trying to be friends by not being honest or upfront about their aims, and then get surprised when they get curved. Ofc she rejected you, she saw you as a friend bc you acted like a friend.
Be ballsy. Flirt. Get the message across.'
Be honest and clear, so that you don't have to wait (waste) 3 years hyping yourself up to say that you like her, when if she liked you, you could've been dating for the last three years already
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2020.10.24 14:44 MasterMirage Love Live! Nijigasaki Gakuen School Idol Doukoukai S1E4 Discussion - The Unchartered Path'

Ai are you ready?

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2020.10.24 14:40 Underthecapricornsun Do I leave my relationship?

My partner (M31) and i (FE25) have been dating for 2 years. We have dogs, I own our house, and our lives have been built around each other. I’ve been in a lot of abusive/ toxic relationships in the past and have spent the last 8 years in therapy working through a lot of my relationship issues (a bad anxious attachment, overly sexual, attraction to addicts etc). I would now consider myself to be a very securely attached, logical, less emotionally driven person in relationships thought still empathic and capable of deep connection.
When we met two years ago he was the answer to my search. I’d spent a lot of time on me and on making sure I wasn’t dating someone incompatible again and the pieces just clicked. We met organically and had great chemistry. We were passionate, couldn’t stay away from eachother, and he made it obvious I was what he wanted. He went out of his way to touch me whenever we were within arms reach, stayed up talking about our future, invited me into his life, shared secrets with me, made me a part of his family and his friends. Within 6 months we’d moved in together, discussed marriage, got tattoos as a promise to eachother (generic not names or anything but together) and started our life together moving in that direction.
However, after 8-10 months or so, things changed. While he was very warm and vulnerable and passionate at the beginning, he’s now turned cold. He told me around this time he was diagnosed with emotional detachment disorder when he was younger and the type of attention and vulnerability he gave me at the beginning of our relationship is really not sustainable for him.
He doesn’t do anything “wrong” as far as being loyal (I check his stuff occasionally bc I’ve been cheated on before and thought that might be happening and can find nothing) and he’s stable and gives me great advice and is a very practical partner. However, our relationship lacks the love I want in a life partner. I love him very much, and my love language is touch. He isn’t interested in physical touch almost at all. He won’t engage in nonsexual physical touch for me and he won’t go to therapy or even talk to me about why. I can’t figure out what his love language is as his idea of what a relationship looks like is just loyalty, fidelity, and structure. I would consider myself to be very attractive- I’m a professional model and have never had a partner not be attracted to me or want to touch me all the time. I’ve recently felt so bad I even got liposuction to really smooth out my shape and make me look my best and he isn’t affected by any physical changes I make at all.
His parents had a very toxic relationship and he’s told me many times that he looks up to his father for his “work ethic” - despite the fact his father would work day and night in his workshop until he finally abandoned them and remarried and moved states away. He hadn’t seen his father in years when we met because he essentially left his old life behind...
I talk to my therapist about this frequently because I see potential in my partner but I don’t feel happy. I’ve tried asking him to leave my house but he always manages to convince me that our relationship is strong even if it’s not what I want. I hate the idea of losing one of my dogs and I don’t want to get a roommate at my house. My therapist thinks he’s holding me back from the path I’m supposed to be on. Sometimes for a week or two I’ll feel like this is my path and signs point to that- but then I get this feeling again.
Our anniversary was this week and he wouldn’t even hug me in the morning (because he has a routine and he likes to hug our dog..), I paid for our anniversary dinner (even though he has arguably 50x what I have in the bank, and he wasn’t even interested in celebrating us- he says reminiscing about our past two years is pointless because we need to keep moving forward.
Essentially he’s a very focused and driven person who really lacks emotional skills and has very little empathy. I’m an empath and artist who is also driven but not to the extent that I can block out my emotions or think they are irrelevant. He so far has refused to go to either couple or solo therapy. And I just don’t know how to let go of the stability I’ve never had in my life that I’ve found with him or the life We have and the plans we have for the future.
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2020.10.24 13:36 Kaymations1 How the MCU will kill off black panther

TW: discussion of recently deceased. After the death of Chadwick Boseman marvel has been in a tight space of how will they continue the character since it will be difficult replacing the actor without upsetting the fans. Recently they released a book called "The Wakandan Files" a collection of in-universe records compiled by Shuri in the aftermath of Avengers: Endgame. They include an encrypted file Tony Stark stored in the systems at Avengers HQ, discussing his Möbius strip solution with Bruce Banner. This is what it says -:
"This kind of theoretical science shouldn't even be testable, let alone presented in a successful simulated system. I find myself re-reading Deutsch's 'Quantum mechanics near closed timelike lines' just to make sure I haven't missed anything. Using this model, altering events of the past could never affect the continuous loop. Though, it could create tangential split-timelines, but let's not worry about that for the time being, right? One reality at a time. For all our sanity."
It was announced that Kang the conqueror will be the next villain of ant man 3 this info will be important. You might remember this that Tony said to Cap that "When you mess with time it tends to mess back". This line in the movie felt like it was calling out Thanos coming to the future as a sign that time tends to mess back. When Cap takes the Pym particles he took 4 when he only needed 2 one for Tony and one for himself to return to 2023. So there are two particles are still left. There was also two completely different dates on the screen during where the infinity stones are (January 2988 BC) and (November 2009 AD). Now 2988 is the earliest known historical record of the infinity stones where Thor's grandfather fought the dark elves for the reality stone or the aether. 2009 would be after iron man when Nick Fury was experimenting with project Pegasus. Many other theories including mine suggest that Kang was going to one of these dates to get the infinity stones Tony Stark somehow knew about this and used the last two pills went to 2988 BC and stopped him then went to 2009 again stopped him in 2009. Hank Pym was alive in 2009 so the Pym particles existed, he stole them and returned back to 2023. Now when he said to cap the line about time messing back he was referring to Kang and his control over the time streams in the future but cap would not see this as he would retire and probably die later implied by the tribute video in spider man far from home which I think suggest that cap has died of old age and people think he died during the battle because there is no conformation. So now Kang will come back as result of nobody there stop him from what he knows comes to some year before Thanos destroyed the infinity stones and kills black panther in a fight either because he trespassed in Wakanda and started a fight or something else.
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2020.10.24 13:34 alleybetwixt This Week In KPOP - October 24, 2020

Welcome to This Week In KPOP, a collection of everything you may have missed during the past week on kpop.

October 17, 2020 - October 23, 2020


# Votes Thread Comments
1 (+4652) Happy 5th Anniversary to TWICE! 89 comments
2 (+3272) TWICE Jeongyeon to not participate in the group's 2nd full album promotions due to experiencing anxiety 271 comments
3 (+3007) PENTAGON earns first ever music show win with 'Daisy' on SBS MTV The Show (201020) 227 comments
4 (+2172) Happy 17th Anniversary to Epik High! 53 comments
5 (+2027) Minzy has set up her own agency, MZ Entertainment 93 comments
6 (+1823) CL to Perform her new single on The Late Late Show with James Corden on October 29 75 comments
7 (+1663) SHINee's Minho to go on his final military leave October 27th, formally discharge on November 15th 30 comments
8 (+1173) BTS' "Dynamite" is now the most liked music video by a Korean artist, surpassing PSY's "Gangnam Style" by reaching over 19.65 million likes 79 comments
9 (+927) Red Velvet Yeri on Yeri's Room reveals that Red Velvet is coming back soon 50 comments
10 (+789) NCT U receives their first music show win ever with "Make A Wish (Birthday Song)" on MBC Show Champion (201021) 24 comments


# Votes Thread Comments
1 (+5829) Red Velvet's Irene posts apology on her Instagram to her stylist about tantrum 2260 comments
2 (+2420) Herald Pop shares Red Velvet will not be attending the upcoming K-Culture Festival 2020 (2020 한국문화축제) that was originally scheduled on October 24th due to recent events regarding Irene. Red Velvet was scheduled to have an online fan meeting 726 comments
3 (+2300) Irene (Red Velvet) Megathread: News, Statements and more 2138 comments
4 (+1803) Industry Insiders Including A Backup Dancer, Video Director And More Allegedly Speak Up Against Red Velvet's Irene For Her Attitude 379 comments
5 (+1733) Belle Shao - Chinese Stylist speaks up about Irene (translation in comments) 751 comments
6 (+1308) Former Red Velvet fashion coordinator 'likes' editor's post about tantrum by idol alleged to be Irene 87 comments
7 (+1232) Irene meets with and apologizes to former stylist who posted about verbal attack, SM official post 394 comments
8 (+649) Former SM Stylist Ellena Yim Comes Out In Defense of Irene from Red Velvet Amidst Attitude Controversy 317 comments


# Votes Thread Comments
1 (+1118) [Performance] Dreamcatcher - BOCA (Dance Video - K-Zombie Ver.) 74 comments
2 (+630) [Live] Comeback Stage: LOONA - Voice @ Mnet M Countdown (201022) 54 comments
3 (+606) [Live] Debut Stage: Refund Sisters (Uhm Junghwa, Lee Hyori, Jessi, MAMAMOO Hwasa) - Intro + Don't Touch Me @ MBC Show! Music Core (201017) 121 comments
4 (+564) [Song Cover] Red Velvet Wendy - Monster (orig. Red Velvet - Irene & Seulgi) + Dynamite (BTS) + Someday (IU) + Let Me Go (Crush & Taeyeon) + Milky Way (BoA & Red Velvet) + Future (Red Velvet) 16 comments
5 (+526) [Live] Comeback Stage: LOONA - Why Not? @ Mnet M Countdown (201022) 28 comments
6 (+447) [Dance Practice] NCT U - Make a Wish (Birthday Song) (Dance Practice) 33 comments
7 (+435) [Song Cover] BLACKPINK Rosé - Waka Waka (orig. Shakira) @ Knowing Brothers (171020). Shakira responds. 20 comments
8 (+402) [Dance Practice] MAMAMOO - Dingga (1MILLION Dance Studio Dance Practice - Lia Kim X Jiwon Jung Choreography) 12 comments
9 (+383) [Performance] Red Velvet - Psycho + Bad Boy + Umpah Umpah @ 2020 Gangnam Festival K-Pop Concert (201018) 37 comments
10 (+372) [Performance] BLACKPINK - Lovesick Girls @ Jimmy Kimmel Live! (201021) 30 comments


# Votes Thread Comments
1 (+230) General Korean public sentiment on bullying, drug use, and sexual misconduct/abuse when it comes to the entertainment industry 133 comments
2 (+63) How were you introduced to KPop and who are your top 5 now? 172 comments
3 (+38) What's your favourite K-pop Album Design / Packaging? 18 comments
4 (+23) Songs that break the mold? 35 comments
5 (+14) What are some of the most "creative" k-pop groups/songs? 33 comments


Guest(s) Thread Date
DKB Hi! This is AMA with DKB! ^^ 201020


Date Performances Discussion Thread Winner
20201017 Music Core Thread BTS
20201018 Inkigayo Thread BLACKPINK
20201020 The Show Thread PENTAGON
20201021 Show Champion Thread NCT U
20201022 M!Countdown Thread NCT U
20201023 Music Bank Thread NCT U


Day Artist Album Title Type Music Video Streaming
17th Hareem [Vol.70] You Hee yul's Sketchbook : 43th Voice 'Sketchbook X Hareem' digital single Perhaps That Was Love (orig. Choi Yong Joon) Spotify / Apple Music
Ha Yea Song Happy mini album Happy Spotify / Apple Music / YouTube Music
18th LANA Talk Talk Chinese debut digital single Talk Talk Spotify / Apple Music / YouTube Music
Fisherman The Dragon Warrior full-length album DOOM (feat. BewhY) Spotify / Apple Music / YouTube Music
19th Asome.D Funny Gotcha debut digital single Funny Gotcha Spotify / Apple Music / YouTube Music
Kim Hyunjoong A Bell of Blessing full-length album A Bell of Blessing Spotify / Apple Music / YouTube Music
Youkyung (ex-AOA Black) Connect debut single album Universe Spotify / Apple Music / YouTube Music
B1A4 Origine full-length album Like a Movie Spotify / Apple Music / YouTube Music
Im Chang Jung Love should not be harsh on you full-length album Love should not be harsh on you Spotify / Apple Music / YouTube Music
LOONA [12:00] (Midnight) mini album Why Not? Spotify / Apple Music / YouTube Music
SEVENTEEN ; [Semicolon] special album HOME;RUN Spotify / Apple Music / YouTube Music
Yumin (ex-MelodyDay) HATE YOU digital single HATE YOU Spotify / Apple Music
20th Handong (Dreamcatcher) First Light of Dawn Chinese debut digital single Dawn
DAYBREAK / SURL Cheering song for you digital single Go on! / Shine Spotify / Apple Music / YouTube Music
Minseyoung Like a Boss digital single Like a Boss Spotify / YouTube Music
CRUSH with HER mini album Let Me Go (with Taeyeon (Girls' Generation)) Spotify / Apple Music / YouTube Music
D-CRUNCH Across The Universe mini album Across The Universe Spotify / Apple Music / YouTube Music
MAMAMOO Dingga pre-release single Dingga Spotify / Apple Music / YouTube Music
SAAY FEELosophy mini album OMEGA / PLAYER Spotify / Apple Music / YouTube Music
So!YoON! (SE SO NEON) & Phum Viphurit Wings digital single Wings Spotify / Apple Music / YouTube Music
Solji (EXID) MAMF on my mind MAMF theme song MAMF on my mind Spotify / Apple Music / YouTube Music
21st GFRIEND 回:Song of the Sirens ~Apple~ Japanese digital single Apple (Japanese ver.) Spotify / Apple Music (Japan)
IZ*ONE Twelve Japanese full-length album Beware Spotify / Apple Music / YouTube Music
AleXa DECOHERENCE mini album REVOLUTION Spotify / Apple Music / YouTube Music
Monday Kiz Others love easily, but I can’t digital single Others love easily, but I can’t Spotify / Apple Music / YouTube Music
MOON Walk in the Night digital single Walk in the Night (feat. Zion.T) Spotify / Apple Music / YouTube Music
U-KISS (Soohyun & Jun) EYES ON ME Japanese digital single EYES ON ME Spotify / Apple Music / YouTube Music
22nd HYNN Just Do This One Time digital single Just Do This One Time Spotify / Apple Music / YouTube Music
MVP Every Day digital single Every Day Spotify / Apple Music / YouTube Music
Park Won My fuxxxxx romance 01 mini album Burden Spotify / Apple Music / YouTube Music
Song Jieun (ex-SECRET) BLOOM single album BLOOM Spotify / Apple Music / YouTube Music
Yezi (ex-FIESTAR) MIMEW single album MIMEW Spotify / Apple Music / YouTube Music
23rd A-FLOW YOU single album YOU (with Choerry of LOONA) Spotify / Apple Music / YouTube Music
Yebit Being Someone's Mind digital single Being Someone's Mind Spotify / Apple Music
Mighty Mouth I'm Sorry. digital single I'm Sorry. (feat. KCM) Spotify / Apple Music / YouTube Music
Sun, Hyolyn & Moon Kim JOKER & HOLLY-QUEEN digital single JOKER & HOLLY-QUEEN Spotify / Apple Music / YouTube Music
Truedy (Unpretty Rapstar) Lonely digital single Lonely (feat. AriL) Spotify / Apple Music / YouTube Music
Yoon Jong Shin Untie Melody Monthly project single Untie (feat. Shinchireem) Spotify / Apple Music / YouTube Music
The full chart of all releases including OSTs and indie artists can be found here or in the sidebar. The chart is updated regularly and a new one is published every month.

"This Week in KPOP" Archive

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2020.10.24 11:31 ChaosKat I cried in therapy today after realizing something terrible

Sorry that this is a long post, I talk a lot and don't know how to summarize very well, and I'm on mobile so formatting my suck a bit.
My therapist let me talk about my parents and things that upset me about a past events that really hurt me. And I came to finally realize:
I hate myself. That's over simplifying it.
You see, I hate my existence actually. And that's because my existence has made people that were supposed to be family, friends, loved ones, and myself included, miserable or unhappy.
My parents didn't even like each other, my dad basically annoyed my mom into dating him then they had me.
I am one of his countless kids. I got very little attention from him, and the day I was born he wasn't even there, he was in another country. My aunt had to forge his name on my birth certificate. I've only seen this man a total of ~5 times in my life and he's never helped me like parents should. When I was homeless (not my fault, but my mother's) he did nothing for me but basically say "well that sucks, I'm sorry"
I don't know this man but he tells me he loves me, and I say it back. Its not true and I don't feel it.
I caused my mom pain by existing BC she was a successful career nurse and doing well in life at 25. Then everything was dropped BC I was born, and she hasn't worked since, my grandma and my aunt taking care of bills while she drank and smoked and took prescription opoids bc she was shot twice, once by my aunt(who was crazy abusive when drunk amd when angered) and another at a party.
In elementary school, I got dressed to go to school, and she wasn't there. She was sleeping over at her boyfriends. I called her from our home phone at least 20 times and when she finally picked up and said she was on her way, she actually came home an hour or teo into me being late for school, which made little 7 year old me and anxious mess and very upset. This is one of the many things she did that showed she "cared" but not really.
She didn't even want a kid yet. She tells me she only had me for my grandmother to have a grandchild. As if it was a cute thing. I wasnt the first grandkid either, just the closest to her.
I feel like I ruined her and my familys life by existing BC it put everyone in such turmoil since I was born. We ended up homeless twice due to my mom not being able to keep it together. If they could live apart, which they were before me, nothing would have happened. They stayed together for me to have a family.
In high school, I was told by numerous friends that I was annoying because I was so fucking depressed all the time, and just annoying in general. People befriended or dated me out of pity. No one really cared about being my friend or me in general, and I was never invited anywhere. Friends made plans right in front of me, but never included me or asked if I was able or wanted to come along. We had a group chat, and even then there was a separate one where they didn't have to interact with me and talked shit about me.
Of course I stopped being friends with them, but that just left me alone once again, in a house that didn't want me either.
Even now, I have a friend in a friend group who have said terrible things about me behind my back, and while I'm not alone in being upset at her for these things, I can't say anything bc I have to work with her often and I feel as if I need to keep the peace and not break up another friend group because of my existence and feelings and actions.
Even now, even though I make my boyfriend incredibly Happy by being in his life, I'm touch starved and have been starved of affection for most of my whole life. Of course I'm clingy. But he says its annoying for me to constantly ask for cuddles or to spend time with me. When I want to talk about things that I'm interested in, he often doesn't care, or he listens but I feel like since he's not asking leading question and wanting to know more, the way I do for him, he doesn't actually care about it. I understand that everyone needs their own personal space and time to relax. It just fucking hurts that even when I make someone happy, I'm still annoying to them when they care about me.
Its been like this all my life. Everyone doesn't really listen to me or outright tells me to stop talking or to shut up. I don't even know how to talk to people or how to talk at all about things without stuttering or expecting to be cut off. Because no one cares about me or my interests or what I'm saying.
At this point I don't even know myself anymore, it seems like my existence was either causing pain, annoyance, or serving someone for their own needs.
No one really knows me either. I just present what people want to see, and what I think is okay to show others without being annoying or stepping on toes.
It sucks feeling like you can't trust others because people ruined enjoying your existence as a person.
TL;DR: ive been through a lot of trauma involving my existence being annoying or bothersome or causing pain, and I don't know how to trust anymore. Because I feel like BC of past incidences I am unlovable and annoying, and I can't trust others anymore BC of it.
I still try though. I know people care but I'm just that broken. I can't believe it BC there is always a catch or pitfall.
I know I am kind and have so much love to give, and like to remember the little things about those I care about to show them I care. I like buying them meaningful gifts. I know I'm a good person. But I never feel like one.
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2020.10.24 11:00 LorddJoy22 Her name is *****

For the past year I've been trying to be there for my ex. Let's go back. We broke up bcs things are just too complicated I don't even remember it so much, we had many fights online. That time before we broke up we had been dating around 3 years. It was a great time, greatest time. Not until when we're getting more busy we had more fights online. October last year we stopped communicating until december. After that, our situation was pretty okay.
She likes to chat with me we even had quite many discord calls and hanging out online in until midnight. There's just one thing bugging me in my head. We're nothing, we're not dating anymore. We don't share the same feeling (at least that i know of). We never talk about 'that' stuffs anymore I'm nobody more to her except an ex.
For one year i fought my feelings inside trying not to make her mad and cheer her up when she's upset of something. I was there for her, i still care for her. I'm not sure if she does to me. Is she here just to waste time? Or is she here for me? I can't tell.
One by one my position in our activities getting replaced. Sometimes she tells her day to different person, one day she discord call to a different boy. Another day she went to dinner with another person. All the things that i did with her when we're dating and not dating are getting replaced. I feel like my own self is piece by piece dying and become meaningless. Who am i, who do i deserve, what does she want? Does she even care? I can't really tell bcs some days she really are brightened ny day with her stories and jokes and her sweet singing on voice call. I'm really lost.
I decided to leave her. And is it the right path? Or if i leave her I'll miss the opportunity to get her back? Bcs i still care for her.
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2020.10.24 10:59 klausene I fell in love with my best friends ex boyfriend

I'm on mobile so sorry for formatting, and English isn't my first language.And first time posting.
So here's the deal. I (F 16) have a best friend let's name her Ana (F 16) who is now in a happy and healthy relationship. She used to date a guy let's call him Nick (M 17) and there was a lot of drama when they broke up. At that time I didn't know her but she says he was TA and he says it was equal. Anyways, the two of us have had another best friend and used to be a trio, but the third girl let's call her Bri is no longer best friend with Ana, but is with me.
So long story short, Ana and Bri got into a fight because Bri started talking crap about Ana in front of everyone and doesn't think she's in the wrong. When that started happening she met Nick and quickly became friends with him. He too told her that she was in the wrong, I myself did but she doesn't care. But the deal with Bri is she started to fall in love with Nick, and you can guess it the feeling wasn't mutual. She even cried so many times bc of him and that and I was there for her.
I never considered Nick a bad guy, because I know him for a few years, but we were never that close and knew each other as people until recently. We've been talking, facetimeing each other every night recently, and he has started to fall in love with me and I myself did so too. We planned to go out on a date, and Ana knows we've been texting but not that we've been talking and planning a date. She was okay with us texting but I don't know what she is going to think about us dating, because as she says he hurt her a lot (he was really jealous of her male friends and she of his female friends, that's the main reason for the break up as of my knowledge), but she's currently madly in love with her new boyfriend and always says she doesn't care about Nick.
The problem is if I go for it and go out with him , I know I'm gonna lose Bri forever because she is madly in love with him, and might lose Ana as a friend. But the only thing I have to defend myself is we fell in love. But reddit what should I do?
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2020.10.24 09:36 andwizz am i in the friendzone?

so me and this guy dated for 5 months and he ended things because he did not feel like he could entirely commit and be in a relationship with me because he couldnt give his all (he suffered with depression). Anyways we ended things and stayed friends. We didnt talk for like 3 months and then out of nowhere he replied back to one of my ig stories and we started talking about drugs. We then agreed to meet each other and we did shrooms. When we met, we updated each other on what happend these last couple of months (dating, work, etc) We hung out for like 6-7 hours till 2am and we had a great time (no sex or anything). There was a moment where he wanted to tell me something but i quickly changed the subject bc i didnt wanna ruin the moment and i panicked. After that day, we started to exchange memes on instagram and we’ve been texting each other everyday for like 2 weeks till like 2-3 am. I know i’ve got a crush on him and i was wondering if he has some too or am i just deep in the friendzone??? we talk about everything and anything. Sometimes he texts me things like "this made me think of u" and when the conversation ends, he replies back to my instagram stories. I feel like ive known him for years because we connect on so many levels. He doesnt have much friends because hes pretty much a loner, so is he still interested or does he only see me as a friend??? WHY ARE MEN SO CONFUSING PLS HELP
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2020.10.24 09:35 andwizz am i in the friendzone?

so me and this guy dated for 5 months and he ended things because he did not feel like he could entirely commit and be in a relationship with me because he couldnt give his all (he suffered with depression). Anyways we ended things and stayed friends. We didnt talk for like 3 months and then out of nowhere he replied back to one of my ig stories and we started talking about drugs. We then agreed to meet each other and we did shrooms. When we met, we updated each other on what happend these last couple of months (dating, work, etc) We hung out for like 6-7 hours till 2am and we had a great time (no sex or anything). There was a moment where he wanted to tell me something but i quickly changed the subject bc i didnt wanna ruin the moment and i panicked. After that day, we started to exchange memes on instagram and we’ve been texting each other everyday for like 2 weeks till like 2-3 am. I know i’ve got a crush on him and i was wondering if he has some too or am i just deep in the friendzone??? we talk about everything and anything. Sometimes he texts me things like "this made me think of u" and when the conversation ends, he replies back to my instagram stories. I feel like ive known him for years because we connect on so many levels. He doesnt have much friends because hes pretty much a loner, so is he still interested or does he only see me as a friend??? WHY ARE MEN SO CONFUSING PLS HELP
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2020.10.24 09:26 himynameisabcde I am 37 weeks pregnant. There are so many chances of covid exposure for my baby that I am wondering how much I should even care/try. Help!

  1. My toddler will be staying with my mom, dad, and sister while I am in the hospital giving birth. My mom babysits my toddler for me 3 days a week at the moment. We have dinner with them every Sunday. They cannot quarantine bc they all work. They wear masks at work and wash hands frequently but social distancing is not always possible and there is high foot traffic where they work.
  2. We are planning on picking up our toddler on the way home from the hospital. Should I not allow my family to meet baby? Even though my toddler will have been in close contact with them and then will be in close contact with us?
  3. My MIL is coming to stay with us to help with the baby bc my husband can only take a week of leave once the baby is here. Should I ask her to quarantine and/or get tested beforehand? She wears a mask when she goes out and doesn't see very many ppl but at the same time she is also planning an outdoor christmas event with about 20 masked and socially distanced ppl a month after my due date, that I am also invited to but I dont think I should attend.
  4. My husband works full time in customer service, wears a mask, tries to socially distance, but I also believe he thinks he is immune for no reason. I know he doesnt always wear his mask over his nose. He will be working up until the baby comes and then going back to work after a week of leave.
  5. I work 2 days a week but don't come into close contact with anyone, always wear a mask, and I can also stop working now to quarantine till the baby comes, but is there even a point if my husband or toddler can come into contact with covid any day and bring it home?
Tldr: Covid is scary and I am freaking the f out bc i want to protect my baby but it feels so impossible. What do I do?
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