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Beautifulpeople People founder Greg Hodge was dating off of his own that site not being hot enough. Over 10 Million Have Applied, But Only the Elite Make It In. Caters News Agency Beautiful People, which first launched in , caused a stir last year when members beautifulpeople year-old Hodge from the site he created — for not being attractive ... has one sole criterion for admission: whether other users find you attractive.So when the dating site made headlines last week after kicking out 3,000 members for reportedly ... Welcome to Beautiful People Online Dating Site! You're in the perfect place for meeting new people nearby! Tired of Online dating sites not delivering on their promises? This is your last stop to finding your soulmate! Beautiful People is putting the fun and passion back into dating! You won't be disappointed with us! Online dating exclusively for BeautifulPeople. BeautifulPeople has been described as an 'elite online club, where every member works the door'. is the largest internet dating community exclusively for the beautiful, dedicated to ensuring members find their perfect match. The Short Version: With its unapologetically honest attitude and member-curated userbase, has created the largest, most exclusive dating site for attractive people in the world, “where beautiful relationships begin.” BeautifulPeople is available in more than 150 countries and has turned away more than 10 million singles, ensuring that users are only connected with other A select few of the “Beautiful People” who actually made the dating site’s cut. Mercury Press/Caters News Agency Filed under beauty , body image , dating , dating apps , plastic surgery ... Official Site - is the leading online dating site for beautiful men and women. Meet, date, chat, and create relationships with attractive men and women. Join now and find your perfect match today! The Review Editor’s Summary. Beauty may be in the eye of the beholder, but on, it’s your ticket into the site.The controversial online dating site features a rather unique ...

Beautifulpeople: An OLD site where disgusting scrotes can rate women as “absolutely hideous”

2020.09.24 04:37 electroloop Beautifulpeople: An OLD site where disgusting scrotes can rate women as “absolutely hideous”

I’m hoping y’all have heard of beautifulpeople. It’s a dating site exclusively for “beautiful people”, as the name states.
Basically in order to be a part of the cesspool, you have to upload a photo of yourself and be rated as “attractive enough” to join by members of the opposite sex. In theory you might be thinking “Hey, this is an excellent way to weed out the basement dwelling troglodyte’s that run rampant on traditional OLD! Maybe I’ll finally see an attractive man or two.”
Sis you are WRONG. These same Neanderthals are the ones rating the women and subsequently shitting on them for being “too unattractive” to join the site. If you don’t believe me, just go on the front page and see the quality of men that have been accepted as beautiful enough to join and rate women ruthlessly.
There’s so many news articles out there on this specific OLD platform, including depressing stories of absolutely stunning women who’ve had their esteem shattered based on this shallow and misogynistic system.
The only upside to this website is all the vain and vapid individuals can congregate together and slightly reduce the amount of LVM rampant on traditional dating sites.
Just wanted to hear if anyone else has heard of this specific platform, since I’ve never seen anyone else mention it.
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2019.05.07 18:33 usctrojan415 BeautifulPeople dating site releases list of 'ugly' physical traits that ban applicants

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2019.05.07 16:54 FreedomNewsPolitics BeautifulPeople dating site releases list of 'ugly' physical traits that ban applicants

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2019.05.07 16:51 FreedomNewsPolitics BeautifulPeople dating site releases list of 'ugly' physical traits that ban applicants

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2019.01.14 06:52 tkhan0 Quoting someone until I get banned or run out of material [Day 6]

I know it's a bit of a moot point to ask about hypothetical offspring when you cant even get laid. But if you plan to ascend with your looksmatch, would you give your kid the chance you didnt have? Would you elect to not pass on your genes if it meant they could be beautiful?
"If you want to be a parent, Parissa Mobasher believes you owe your offspring three things: love, the best education you can provide and good genes.
That's why, as a member of, a dating site exclusively for attractive people, she's joined the company's most recent venture, a "virtual sperm and egg bank for people who want to have beautiful babies."
"I know it sounds really shallow in the context of BeautifulPeople, but if you look at human nature, the initial attraction is the exterior," the 42-year-old Londoner said. "It's that extra edge in life."
As a single woman, she said she's potentially open to finding a suitable sperm donor on what the company called its fertility introduction service. And if she chooses against having children of her own, Mobasher said she'd seriously consider giving her eggs to someone else -- especially given the strength of her own genetic endowment.
"Wouldn't it be an awful waste of eggs if I was to stop producing eggs?" she said. "I've seen my mother, my grandmother, my great-grandmother. I've seen what they turned out to be."
Beautiful Gene Pool Also Open to 'Ugly People,' Company Said
Launched this week,'s new fertility forum is intended to give members and non-members (or "ugly people") better odds of having good-looking children, the company said.
"Right or wrong, infertile couples highly value attractiveness in their donors," Greg Hodge, the site's managing director, told "It may not give us all a warm, fuzzy feeling inside but you can't argue the fact that parents want to secure every advantage for their child."
Though the dating site is only open to men and women who are voted attractive enough by other members of the site, he said the fertility forum will be available to anyone.
"Initially, we hesitated to widen the offering to non-beautiful people. But everyone -- including ugly people -- would like to bring good looking children in to the world, and we can't be selfish with our attractive gene pool," company founder Robert Hintze said in a statement. Not Making Money From Fertility Forum
Hodge said that over the years,, which has more than 600,000 members from 190 countries, has received repeated requests from fertility clinics to advertise on the site. He said they launched the fertility forum to help address the shortage of sperm and egg donors in the United Kingdom and help potential parents more easily find good-looking donors.
But he emphasized that the company has no financial interest in the new site. It's meant to be a forum for discussion and a way to match beautiful people with those who want their genes, he said. The site directs members to information about fertility clinics and the appropriate protocol to follow.
"It's political, it's contentious, it's polarizing. We certainly don't want to be profiting from it," he said.
But profit or not, critics say the site isn't just ethically questionable, it's an affront to other human beings.
"It's just terribly insulting. It trivializes our values. It trivializes human sexuality. It's just another example of the superficiality and consumerism that I think is running rampant in our society," said Dr. Daniel Sulmasy, a bioethicist at the University of Chicago.
Bioethicist: Genetics Is a Lottery, What Happens If Beauty Doesn't Come Through?
He said that while attraction has played a role in human mating for thousands of years, sites like this make it falsely seem as though the only attribute that matters is a person's looks. He also said that it approaches Aldous Huxley's scenario in "Brave New World," in which people are engineered for certain characteristics.
"It's another step in turning children into products rather than persons," he said.
And Sulmasy asked about what happens when things go wrong.
"This is genetics. It's still a lottery when you're picking somebody's sperm," he said. "The beauty may not come through in the genetics. ... What are the parents supposed to do then? Turn it in?"
Other detractors worried that BeautifulPeople's new forum would give people a way to circumvent safeguards intended to protect the adults and the child.
"If they are going to be a matchmaker between people who need donations and people who want to be donors, I'm concerned that the medical and psychological protections will not be in place for either party," said Corey Whelan, program director for the American Fertility Association.
Attractiveness Not the Only Consideration for Potential Egg, Sperm Recipients
Though the site said it would direct would-be donors and recipients to clinics and the proper protocol, she said the forum still "opens up a can of worms" as people could potentially bypass medical tests, psychological screenings and other legal requirements.
She also said that while people do consider attractiveness when choosing a sperm or egg donor, she emphasized that many other factors also come into play.
"[Fertility] centers are really trying to give a broad-based profile of what this person is and certainly looks are part of that, but so is health, so is family, so are interests," she said. "When people are looking at the profiles of potential donors, they are looking for someone with qualities that resonate with them."
There will always be people who weigh attractiveness over other attributes, she said, but that's not the vast majority of people.
"We don't create our families that way," Whelan said. "When people are looking to create their family they [consider] much, much more than looks."
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2017.01.15 21:01 Zxfernd Exclusive dating site evicts 45,000 of its members for ‘letting themselves go’

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2016.02.19 06:23 49ered A no nonsense politically incorrect guide on how to have success on Tinder despite being a guy from a minority group.

Most of what I say on this thread (and I am an Indian guy who has a lot of success on Tinder btw) is going to come off as a bit politically incorrect and might even hurt your feelings. Well, get used to it because what I am telling you is likely what most of the women on Tinder are thinking when they see a guy who is not white. Tinder is harsh for guys of minority groups, get used to it and grow a thick skin. Fortunately, this guide will make you do well on Tinder and you can thank me later! You might end up having results on the level of some successful white guys on Tinder if you play your cards right.
Lets take a short time to talk about what is going on.
"Despite", think about that for a second, in this day and age. I know that people on here will gladly claim how its "just a preference" but I strongly believe that once you dig into the preference of most women (white or not), it is to some extent rooted in racism fed to them by the media but in today's society it is okay for women in the USA to hold prejudice towards minority groups.
Most of the times when women reject a guy from a minority group on Tinder, it is rooted in some sort of racism. Indian men are rarely rejected for their appearance alone, they are rejected because of the nasty stereotypes about India in American media. Same can be said of Asian men as well, lets face it, there is a degree of racism in "preferences" that women can get away with and we won't get anywhere by whining about it.
I know that the white guys on reddit who benefit from the highly prejudiced preferences of women (of all races, yes, non-white women tend to go for white guys as well) in the USA will say "but it's not racist man it's just a preference!" and we can debate that all day but the truth is, most guys of minority groups who are being rejected are being rejected because of stereotypes that exist about their race. When you judge someone because of a stereotype about their race, you're kinda racist.
Indian guys get rejected because "all Indians are weird and hate women".
Asian guys get rejected because "they're all so small".
Arabs get rejected because "they all hate women!".
The list goes on, only white is right. It's pretty fucking racist but it is the kind of racism that's okay and acceptable. You can't blame women for it, American media and the film industry hates men of minority groups with a passion while white men are regularly shown with hot girls of all races.
On dating apps like Tinder, things like your looks and ethnic appearance are even more exaggerated.
What you can do about it.
I think that ultimately, things like looks, a great profile, and many other things can go a long way in helping you out. What if I told you that despite all of this powerful prejudice inside of majority of the women on Tinder who will judge you based on your ethnic appearance, you can still have success? Well keep reading!
But first and foremost, BE REALISTIC about your chances.
If you're in a city in the USA where racism is unrealistically bad (Atlanta for example), you're going to have a rough time and might not do well. If you're in a city where the dating culture in general is rough for men (San Francisco), you're going to have a rough time. Location matters, not saying you should change locations so you can get laid but you should take it into account. Even though you have a way better chance of doing well in a place like Miami as opposed to Atlanta, you can still get some matches though they will be a lot lower in number.
If you're some chubby Indian dude with average looks, you're not going to get hot blondes on Tinder, even chubby white guys don't get those! You have to be honest with yourself here. A 5'5 Indian guy with average looks will not get hot white girls on Tinder, it is just how things work. On the other hand, a 6'2 Indian guy with good looks will have a much better chance and might as well have success (I know I did!). Let me repeat, you won't get hot blondes by being the stereotypical IT Indian guy or the geeky Asian dude!!!
How do you know if you're good looking or not? Put your photo up on and see if you get in. If you can't get in, you're not good looking. If you barely get in, you're in the average to slightly above average range. If you get in convincingly, you're good looking. Before you pull the race card, know that there are many guys of minority groups on that site, I got in with ease (yes e-brag!).
Now that we have that out of the way, lets get to the meat of it.
Outside of taking good high quality photos (which you should be doing anyways!) and looking your best, here is what else you can do to have success on Tinder.
1 - Represent a lifestyle on your profile that contrasts with the stereotype of your race. Yes, this is literally how a lot of women on Tinder think, get used to it!
Indian guy? Go for a more cool worldly guy vibe. You're not the typical IT geek, you're the cool Indian guy who parties, heads out to bars, drinks, and is that somewhat softcore version of Dan Bilzerian. Avoid even an OUNCE of the nerdy stereotype AT ALL COSTS. Keep the IT stuff and geeky shit to yourself, keep it off of your profile at all costs. Asian and Indian men would be wise to avoid the hipster look, lose the glasses at all costs!
Black guy? It's okay to be nerdy, in fact it is preferable! Be more like Donald Glover as opposed to Waka Flocka, the former will open up more and more women into going for you. The hipster look flies well for black guys while the shirtless/douchebag jock look that white guys can pull off, black guys will have a much more difficult time with because it is so polarizing.
Hispanic guy? You're no longer the badboy thug, you're more like Rodrigo Santoro's character from Focus (movie with Will Smith and Margot Robbie). Broke? Well fuck you, find a way to fix your life and make some cash before thinking about wasting time on Tinder.
Asian guy? First of all, like your Indian pal, avoid even an ounce of the nerdy image on your profile AT ALL COSTS. Asian guys can benefit a lot by giving off a more frat bro type of vibe as opposed to the educated vibe. Educated black guy? Oh charming! Educated Asian or Indian guy? NERD! This is how women on Tinder think, get used to it.
2 - Minorities can be friends with white people too you know! Let the Tinder world know that!!!
First of all, if you don't have friends of other races and are only friends with men of your own race, stop wasting time and start making friends with guys of other races! Women in Tinder do not want to see a photo of you with your cousins and family members. If you're an Indian guy, keep your Indian buddies out of your photos, they will understand.
Cool white guys you're friends with? Ask them to be in one of your photos. Maybe a photo of you guys getting together for a group meet up or just hanging out.
I would suggest that if you have the balls for it, it can be risky, but get cute white girls to be in a profile pic with you, it will boost your value immediately. White women are just way more comfortable with minorities they know who associate with white people. Women of minority groups who are on Tinder, they follow what white women do (especially true of Asian and Indian women born and raised in America).
You're no longer the Indian immigrant, you're like Kumar from Harold and Kumar. You're no longer the Asian immigrant, you're Harold Lee! You're no longer Jose the Mexican janitor, you're the cool handsome token latino that runs with the whites like Mario Lopez's character on Saved By The Bell.
3 - Now lets work on making it interesting and give em what they want, make every photo count!
Dish out the interesting lifestyle and start reading the advice you get on this sub. Get your profile reviewed and make sure to take quality photos. NO SELFIES whatsoever, your photos must show you being social. Quality photos are practically a must if you want to do well on Tinder as a guy of a minority group, get some professional ones done if you have the cash for it or a friend who is just a good photographer. Photos should show you being a fun loving man/social man at all costs. If you don't have an interesting and fun lifestlye, fix that issue in the coming months because the girls that would date a boring Indian guy are minuscule in number.
4 - Be lenient on your age and location preferences, know your market.
If you set your age to only 18-21 year old girls, you're SOL. Ideally, you want to expand it to 18 to at least 35 but you can go up to 40 too. The 30 year old blonde milf with good looks is going to be much more open to going for you than the 20 year old sorority sister on Tinder who is very conscious about her status.
5 - If it hasn't worked, then other issues might be at play here.
Maybe you're in an area where interracial dating is highly forbidden. Perhaps you're just in a highly competitive area where only the top 5% of guys of minority groups are having success. Maybe after all of that, you're just too ugly for Tinder. I suggest working out to get an athletic body (maybe try after a year when you look better?), developing a better lifestyle, and bettering yourself. Then after a year you can come back and give it a second try.
So there you have it.
What I said was not in any way comforting and not the whole "but racism is dead" nonsense people tell you. This is how you, as a guy of a minority group, can succeed on Tinder.
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2015.03.07 21:00 Mentalshit ELI5: Why does a dating site like get so much criticism, but sites like BlackPeopleMeet do not?

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2013.06.12 04:22 Zogzilla I think I found a good way to pick photos for profile.

You guys ever heard of It a dating site that only lets these "Beautiful People" in to it. No, I'm not saying you should go, but I think it might be a good way to throw photo online, let people rate it, and if it gets in, you know the photo will be good for a dating profile.
You post up your photo for 48 hours, and if you get enough Beautiful/Hmmm Ok rating, you get into the site. Don't bother using it for dating though. Use that picture for your OKC profile instead. Don't take it too seriously either. Chances are, there are tons of shallow or dumb people rating your profile.
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2011.06.21 05:52 lillythekillerkitty dating site hacked by 30,000 “ugly” people

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2010.01.05 16:17 silentcrs eHarmony it ain't: dating site expels "fatties"

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2010.01.04 19:17 MrDanger Dating site bans holiday "fatties"

submitted by MrDanger to offbeat [link] [comments] on FOX News Red Eye BeautifulPeople on The Inside Edition Who's Rated Least Attractive? on CNN Paula Zahn Simon Feilder VS Beautiful People ( review Yeah right... THESE PEOPLE THINK YOU'RE UGLY: Darwinian Dating at

Beautiful People – Putting Back Fun into Dating

  1. on FOX News Red Eye
  2. BeautifulPeople on The Inside Edition
  3. Who's Rated Least Attractive?
  4. on CNN Paula Zahn
  5. Simon Feilder VS Beautiful People (
  6. review
  7. Yeah right...
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'Beautiful People' Dating Site Owner Confronted by Three Overweight Women Only Human - Duration: 6:47. Only Human Recommended for you. 6:47 The community/dating website featured on The Insdie Edition. The community/dating website featured on CNN Paula Zahn. dating. Here's How Raya, the Secret Dating App for Celebs, Actually Works - and Who's on It! The community/dating website featured on FOX News Red Eye in January 2010. describes itself as the “largest internet dating community exclusively for the beautiful”. The site takes dating to Darwinian extremes where it’s truly survival of the ... Beautiful People: Why We Think They're So Great - Duration: 2:23. Seeker Recommended for you. 2:23. Beautiful People Dating Website Bans 'Ugly' Users This Morning - Duration: 2:11. is a website that only lets hotties on to find love. Find out who's beating me! Off to the Land of Ugly I go...